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Flint, Michigan Man Wins a Trip to LA and an Event Seat in the Grand Slam of Poker

Online poker player “joebull” decided to take a night away from studying and play in a Poker Tournament Online to try to win a trip to LA to play in the Grand Slam of Poker running at the Hustler Casino.  Well, not hitting the books that night panned out for joebull. He ultimately won the online championship and went on to play in LA.

We caught up with the joebull after he played to ask him a few questions about his experience playing online, what happened in LA and beyond.

ZEN ENTERTAINMENT: Let’s start from the beginning. What got you started playing poker?

JOEBULL:  My Dad taught me how to play at a very young age then I went ahead and taught many of my friends how to play.  It has worked out for me so far because I have been playing and winning ever since.

ZEN: When you were down to the last few players online…did you have anyone around you watching you?

JOEBULL: Actually, no. I played for over 12 hours online until the wee hours of the morning while everyone in the house was sleeping. I played so long, my girlfriend came to me as she was leaving for work the next morning and was wondering what I was still doing up. At that point we were down to 18 players so I told her…. don’t worry; “I am winning myself a trip to LA”.  Lo and behold, I sure did!

ZEN: How was it playing in the actual live tournament in LA?

JOEBULL: It really was a great experience.  I played for about 15 hours and finished in 61st place. I won $500. It wasn’t 1st place, but looking back, now that I am back home, it is that I was able to travel to LA, meet some great people, and of course bring home some money.  

ZEN: Was this the first live tournament you’ve ever played?

JOEBULL: Not at all. I’ve won a trip to Toronto through the Zen Entertainment Network prior to winning the trip to LA. Both experiences were great.  I’ve also won a good amount of cash prizes, as well. You guys are my favorite site to play on. Not because I’ve been winning, but because every time I do win or have a question, the staff has been very helpful.

ZEN: So tell us about your last hand of the tournament.

JOEBULL: Well, I was short stacked with about 44,000 left in chips and the blinds were 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante. At that point, I had to just find my spot and go with it. I ended up picking up A9 and pushed all-in. Unfortunately for me, the big blind woke up with AJ and ultimately knocked me out of the tournament. The one thing that made me feel good after I got knocked out was that the tournament director announced my exit and everyone clapped.  That was a proud moment for me.

ZEN: Did you bring back anything from LA to remember your trip?

JOEBULL: Oh I sure did. Along with an extra $500, I also have the “Money Winner List” that I received from the tournament manager. I am already working on getting that framed.

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